Atkins Family Farms

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Atkins Family Farms was started 20 years ago. Brandon and Kelly began with a greenhouse business that they owned together for 10 years. We had been doing outside and greenhouse vegetable production. We sold the greenhouse business and began to focus on outdoor vegetable production. Our family had just increased by 5 children. We decided to continue the vegetable production and do wholesale only. All five children have helped with the farm every year and have learned to work hard and a have learned a good work ethic. We decided in Spring of 2015 to start retailing and bought property at the intersection of 59 & SH 177. It is a 4 way stop. The amount of customers we have each year is phenomenal and very encouraging to us. 

We raise all of our vegetable transplants from seed. We use a water wheel planter to plant our plants. We grow most of our crops on raised beds.

Our marketing facility is easily accessible and there is lots of convenient parking.  Our peach orchard is located here also.

We specialize in okra, tomatoes, sweet & hot peppers, squash, and sweet cantaloupes.  We also have several hundred peach trees planted to start harvesting in 2018.

We also sell Oklahoma- Grown watermelons.

Our goal is to provide great- tasting, fresh, locally grown vegetables and melons grown, harvested, and sold By Our family.

Our entire family helps in this operation. Our children have excelled and thrived in learning the retail end of the business. Our children are very active in a homeschool 4H group and several have horticulture as their main project.